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Painted Sky FAQS

Our guest's most frequently asked questions!


We are listed on the major booking websites (linked below). Please feel free to contact us at with any questions at all.
Painted Sky Studio: VRBO or Cottages in Canada
Water's Edge: Stay posted for our VRBO posting


- stunning panoramic lakeviews from our second floor studio and main floor sunroom
- a tranquil and restorative natural setting ideal for resting, creating, and beach walks
- swimming or soaking in the lake or in our year round Arctic swim spa with infinity current and spa jets
- the skies are show stoppers at Painted Sky Studio: incomparable wraparound sunrise and sunset views
- watch the giant full moon rise across the marsh, traverse the Southern sky, and shimmer magnificently across the lake in the early morning just before dawn 
- enjoy a fenced yard and indoor kennels for your favourite house trained puppy pals


Nature is our finest host at Painted Sky Studio. Give yourself permission to tune in to the simple beauty and magnificence of this Interlake lakefront and marsh front property. We encourage healthy, quiet, restorative getaways to allow you to return to your daily life refreshed, renewed and transformed. Experience distance from your daily at Painted Sky Studio.  


- Please respect the tranquility of our space and our neighbours' space. We endeavour to build a peaceful retreat space.
- Please clarify the intentions for your stay before booking to create a positive experience for all.
- Check-in is after 3:00pm. Check-out is by 11am.
- No smoking or drug use of any kind is permitted in the house or on the property.
- The guest limit is 10 at Painted Sky. Water's Edge can house an additional 4-6 guests. Please reach out to Darci if you require additional space at
- Please reach out directly to Darci for swim spa instructions and wood stove instructions upon booking.
- Please ensure your puppers enjoy their stay as well, by including them in your outings. You are welcome to use the kennels if they are kennel trained and comfortable in them. 
- We have one small kayak on site. Please bring any non-motorized boats or water toys you would like to use.
- We usually wear water shoes in the water. Don't forget your water shoes and flip flops for the tub.
- Children must be accompanied by an adult in the hot tub/swim spa and at the waterfront. Never leave children unattended near water.
- There is no drinking or eating of any kind in the swim spa.
- Please wash your feet before entering if they are sandy.
- We have a washing machine and dryer here, as well as a dish washer and most kitchen amenities. You bring the food, and we supply the kitchen.
- We drink water from the water cooler. There are three water jugs. Water can be purchased from the Depanneur at the end of the mile road. There is no issue with the water quality, as far as we are aware, and we use if for brushing teeth etc. It does contain minerals and at times can have a faint scent, which will go away while running the water.

- In the odd event of a power outage, there are flashlights in the bedrooms. Because we are on a well, our water does not work during a power outage. There are water jugs under the sinks just in case. Please inform Darci if there is an outage. 
- Please make ourself at home in our home. It is a pleasure and honour to share this beautiful space with you.

                                                                            ENJOY YOUR STAY!


WINTER: Check the forecast to prepare for your stay, as weather will impact it. We are having a very warm winter, special thanks to El Nino, making it a great time to enjoy outdoor activities on Lake Manitoba. That said, the North West wind can be very powerful off the lake, resulting in high wind chills at times. Bring layers. It is typically a few degrees cooler out here than in the city, and the wind chill can adjust that dramatically. Carry a shovel in your car, as there can be drifting on rural roads, including our beach road. Be sure to bring a bath robe and flip flops to make the short trip into the hot tub. The tub is nicely protected from the fierce winds. Ice fishing on Lake Manitoba is a classic experience in a local Bombardier, or bring your snow shoes for a fun tromp around on a nice day. 

SPRING: Spring is a special season, as everything comes to life on the lake. Early May begins the bird migration, which is truly spectacular. Just about every bird heading North stops off at Laurentia Beach. Bring your binoculars or use ours. The snow on the lake is typically not melted until early May, which means you will need warmer clothes than in the city. The abundance of bird life and lengthening days, bug free, make this a special season at the lake. 

SUMMER: Everyone loves summer at the lake. All variety of non-motorized water sports are welcome here. The water is shallow for about 50 metres out, allowing for lots of space for playing. We have a sandy beach and also abundant vegetation on the shore. We wear water shoes, as the lake floor has some stones, as well as sand. We have a walking labyrinth on the water's edge and lots of space for badminton, frisbee or football. Enjoy walking on the beach or down the length of our beach road, a good hour walk or more. The sun won't set completely until after 11PM. Sweet summer air, bonfires, and the sounds of laughter are all a part of summer at the lake. Our most spectacular feature lakeside are our summer sunsets that seem to stretch the length of the lake in a wraparound fashion, holding you in a warm seasonal embrace. Enjoy every moment!

FALL: Fall is a peaceful time at the lake. Summer vacationers typically leave by September long weekend, resulting in a very peaceful time. Days can remain warm. There are few bugs. The geese are migrating South. The lake is still warm, and you can enjoy most of the activities folks enjoy during the summer months. Fall is an excellent time for retreats. 


- You will see all types of birds here. Typical spectacular sightings include bald eagles, great horned owls, blue heron, osprey, and our tiny friends the humming birds. My neighbour has counted 56 difference species here. May and September are great months for bird sightings, although they are abundant in all months except winter. 
- In the summer, we have abundant frogs and toads for those who love them. They do cross the road at night sometimes in large numbers. You'll see. Pretty cool. 
- Lake Manitoba is a healthy l
ake, which means we get fish flies. They arrive in swarms during some weeks in the summer. They can be a surprise to those who have never experienced them. They do not bite, but you can hear a buzz. They are more active at dusk and are attracted to light. Do not leave indoor or outdoor lights on at night to deter them. They are short lived and can be swept off the deck in the morning. Like any simple annoyances, they can be easily ignored. We have a sunroom, so you can enjoy the sunset from inside if you'd rather not be on the deck when they're passing through. They don't last long.
- Coyote live across the prairies, and St. Laurent is no exception. They are wild animals and should never be fed, intentionally or accidentally, by leaving food out. On occasion, they will come close to the beach. Be sure children and pets are always supervised.
- Skunks do appear on the beach, particularly in the evenings, from time to time. Avoid them and prevent your dogs from crossing paths with them if at all possible. 
- We have no bears on Laurentia Beach!
- We live alongside and in harmony with the natural world here. It is special that we can cross paths with wild animals and learn to live in closer harmony with them. I wish you many special moments at the lake.

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